Webfetti Glitter Graphics

Pimp out your Profile

This has taken the web by storm over the last couple of months so you better don't miss out..

Webfetti is a customization Tool that lets you create your own Glitter Graphics and Glitter Text for social Networks like MySpace or Hi5. You can even put the graphics on your on website. There's a lot of awesome possibilities.

Webfetti also comes packed with Layouts, animated 3D Graphics, Smileys and Cursors.

Oh, and it's a FREE Download.

With Webfetti you get graphics, glitter graphics, cursors and layouts all in one download. They are all easy to use and simple to insert into your profile or message posts.

Here are some of the most popular features:

Webfetti is an add-on generator that you can install to your toolbar. It actually is a generator of all things cute that you need to customize your MySpace or whatever social site, or signature. It can generate glitter graphics, cursors, Glitter graphics and tons of other stuff!

Click here to download Webfetti Glitter Graphics